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RPG Playground Premium

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Get all current and future premium features for a 1-time payment of $19. Still in Early-Access! (no monthly fee, but a 1-time payment)

(For a classroom educational license, click here)

You get:

  1. Manage inventory items
  2. Show a custom info dialog
  3. Upload custom graphics
  4. soon: Equip weapons (under development)
  5. soon: Ingame shops to trade items (under development)
  6. soon: Screen effects such as rain, mist, smoke, snow, ... (under development)
  7. ...

Premium is still under development, so you get early-access to new features as they are developed.

Inventory items

For now you can use and equip items. It also features ingame currency.

And of course you can customize these items:

Custom info dialog

Display a custom info dialog. For example when the player receives something:

Some features are explained in this video:

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RPG Playground Premium

15 ratings
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